XDV Dash Across America

Recently, we had the opportunity to collaborate and work with XDV (, a cycling club that is headquartered in the San Jose/Bay Area, CA. We were able to get the shoot completed and filmed everything before the sun went down. The mission of XDV is to promote safe bicycling for social recreation, improved health and wellness, sustainable transportation, sports and fun.

This month, some of the riders will be going on one of the biggest journeys of their life and they need all the support they can get.

About the Journey:

Dash Across America is a 3,004 mile coast-to-coast bicycle ride to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the Vietnamese American journey to freedom and to pay tribute to those heroes who valiantly fight and give their lives to preserve freedom.

In 1975, the first wave of Vietnamese people immigrated to the United States of America seeking freedom from communism – our journey to freedom. Now 40 years later, they are using their freedom to fight for the freedom of others.

There are 30 million people who are victims of human trafficking all across our world––more than any other point in human history. Not only is this unimaginable, but it is unjust. Therefore, they have partnered with the Coalition to Abolish Modern-day Slavery in Asia (CAMSA), an international anti-human trafficking initiative founded by Boat People SOS (BPSOS). And together, they are fighting to abolish modern day slavery in the 21st century.

This Memorial Day, May 25th 2015, they will be bicycling from Oceanside, California all the way to the Lincoln Memorial in Washington D.C. to participate in the special 40th anniversary event, “Our Journey to Freedom,” at the Kennedy Center, see

This is the extent they are willing to go for freedom.

What extent will you go?

Visit the website today at


  • Melissa Says

    Thank you for such an awesome video! We are so happy to have found you and subsequently have our video produced by you.

  • Gerhard Brummer Says

    Great video! Great cause! Good luck, guys! Let freedom ring!!

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