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Life is all about doing what you love, and we love producing videos and filmmaking. We like to think of ourselves as “Imagineers“, where we imagine ideas and bring them to life through the power of video.


Who We Are:

Founded in 2006, Lightbulb Videography is an award winning full service corporate video production and wedding videography company located in the heart of Silicon Valley – San Jose, CA. We offer a variety of professional services ranging from commercial production, event coverage, product videos, music videos, wedding videography and more.

Our growing team consists of talented and creative producers and filmmakers with skill sets in a multitude of areas including: cinematography, directing, filming, editing, writing and storyboarding. Each member in the team has a dedication for and passion in filmmaking and production.

To get an idea of who we work with, some of our past clients have been small to large sized businesses, startup companies, wedding couples, artists, and just about anyone that needs a video created and produced.


Why the name Lightbulb?

We wanted a simple name to reflect who we are and what we do. As a kid, do you remember waking up early to watch your favorite Saturday morning cartoon shows? In some cartoons, there would be certain moments where a character would have a big idea then a lightbulb would appear over their heads accompanied by the sound of a ‘ding’. We call this the ‘Aha moment’.

Throughout life, there were always times where we had that bright idea that we envisioned in our minds, which triggered that ‘lightbulb’ moment. These ideas translated from scripts into storyboards, which resulted into produced films.

Being able to express our creativity, run wild with our imaginations, and come up with bright ideas is what we do best. We all have those “Aha!” moments where our mind comes up with a bright idea. And that’s how we got the name Lightbulb. And that’s basically how the name was formed.


Brief ‘Light Bulb’ History Lesson:

In 1847, Thomas Edison invented the light bulb that paved a rich history for our future. The light bulb was chosen as our symbol to represent creativity and free flowing imagination. Ironically in 1892, Edison also invented the motion picture camera that changed history forever.


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