Meet The Team

Meet your Imagineers.

Learn more about the team behind Lightbulb below.


For Sonny, storytelling is King. It’s the blood pumping in his veins and the electricity pumping through his Lightbulb. Being dedicated, creative, and paying attention to every single millisecond detail has always been a part of him. This is what makes him great at video production. Give Sonny a script or story and watch him electrify it and bring it to life through powerful video imagery the average human mind can’t even imagine.

Fun Facts:

  1. Used to play street hockey



At times we wonder if Davian is actually human, or if he is entirely composed of dreams, ambitions, and wild creativity. The word impossible doesn’t exist in his dictionary. So, when he sets his mind to something it gets done, even if it is impossible.

Fun Facts:

  1. Used to break dance in high school.
  2. Loves to eat sushi, chicken alfredo, and pizza.
  3. Reads business and entrepreneur books and magazines.



Timothy is known to be a working horse that never sleeps. You can probably catch him working and editing projects at random hours throughout the night. With his ability to quickly adapt

Fun Facts:

  1. Likes listening to EDM music.

Timothy is Fancy Rhino’s chess master, master blaster, kingpin, pinstriped lord-of-the-manor. He toasted Drew in Lit. classes at Covenant College and was always the likely candidate for Fancy presidency. He grew up slaving under the video empire of his father before him, so he gets the turf. You could rightly call his crown “destiny.”

Fun Facts:
Loves to party



Thinh is like a mailman because he simply delivers. Give him a project or tight deadline and he will always deliver it on time leaving a smile on each client’s face. Thinh first started getting into video production in high school by playing with his home video camera and experimenting with Windows Movie Maker. In time, he quickly self-taught himself multiple softwares and programs to further advance his video production expertise and background.

Fun Facts:

  1. Once visited his home country Vietnam twice within 2 months.
  2. Had a dog named Milkshake.