Calvin + Hanh’s Same Day Edit

So what do you do when you have a wedding filmmaker inquiring with you to document his wedding? Also knowing in the back of your mind that he knows exactly what you are doing? Simple answer. You do a great job for him just like all your clients! But I’ll be honest, it was a little bit of pressure knowing he’s seen 1000+ other wedding videos! We had to step it up a bit.

How did we meet this couple? It’s funny and cool actually! Here is how it happened. The power of word of mouth! Will + Erika —> Thomas + Jamie—-> Yang + Rocky —–> Calvin + Hanh

All I have to say is that I adore this couple to pieces! We’ve known them for about a year now and they’ve been so kind to us throughout the whole wedding planning process. Can you believe they’ve been in each others’ lives since kindergarten? That is what you call a partners for life!

I remember watching Calvin & Hanh’s wedding proposal for the first time and it made me all giggly and happy inside. Haha! You can also hear the sincerity in Calvin’s voice when he was proposing to Hanh. So super sweet! A few days before the wedding, I had asked Calvin if he can send me his proposal video. Little did know what we were going to do with it. 🙂

Regarding the same day edit, I thought it’d be a nice touch to add in the their proposal video and incorporate it with the wedding day. I figured it would help represent their unconditional love for each other and also remind them how it all started. Also might I add, draw out some tears and emotions.

This was not possible without the help of the team! Shout out to David & Tim!

This edit was pretty stressful because time was not on my side! But finished this within 4 hours! It was super stress mode for me because I had to run out during the reception and shoot the grand entrance and also first dance as well. I also had to make sure the film flowed to draw out the right emotions. So I did a bit of running around that day. Not to mention, 90 degree weather on top of all that! It was also scary because NO ONE got to preview this same day edit before it was showcased. So it’s definitely a lot of pressure!

Yes, bride and groom are awesome! They had EDM music play all night! They also added a touch of Vegas by bringing co2 air guns and shooting them whenever the crowd went crazy! They also had touching and heartfelt vows as well. This same day was just a preview of the entire wedding day. Stay tuned for the rest!

Wanted to thank Calvin & Hanh for trusting us and giving us the honor to document your wedding. I hope this truly honestly brings you guys back to the wedding day. Biggest congratulations ever! We are happy to call you our friends now.