Design Rehab on Inspiration


We recently had an opportunity to work beside the great Barry Lai, a creative designer and brand strategist from San Francisco who owns his own design firm called Design Rehab. Barry has been known to do some amazing work for various companies and brands throughout the world. This video project was produced in hopes to inspire and spark the creative imagination that we all hold inside us. We hope you like it!


The founder of Design Rehab, Barry Lai, has evolved his services in the past decade from a design agency to a strategic consultancy,

providing resources as a full-service creative consortium and offering visual solutions in pixels and print. His processes have developed over time focusing its core emphasis on the fundamentals of research and being empathetic to his users and consumers needs. Barry believes, without a solid foundation in understanding the problem, the solution is only as good as its competitors.

Through the test of time, Design Rehab has assisted technology giants, lifestyle brands, mobile services as well as local businesses to help sustain their arms within the competitive landscape. Barry also believes, in order to progress, you must obsess (in the most non-creepy obsessive way, of course). Dedication is a part of growth that everyone unknowingly gains by constantly doing what they love the most.

Written by: Barry Lai
Shot and Edited by: Davian Nguyen