Fresh & Natural Food Service Group Commercial

This has got to be the most last minute job we’ve ever done! We were asked to produce and shoot this commercial in a matter of 3 days. The reason is because the CEO of the company was going on a business trip overseas to show clients and investors.

Anyway, the job was given to us over the weekend. On Monday, It was a holiday so all the facilities were closed. Tuesday comes, we shot the first location at Foothill College’s cafeteria. The following day, Wednesday, we head to Pleasanton to shoot at Kaiser’s Cafeteria. Right after the shoot, we headed to Fresh & Natural Headquarters in Milpitas to shoot the interview part.

After that was finished, we headed home to edit and stayed up all night! We had to present it the very next afternoon, which was Thursday. In short, they were impressed with the video, especially with the time given to us to complete the assignment. We burned the DVD and later that evening, the CEO was on her way for the business trip. In a way, this is sort of like a same day edit.