Kim + Rhofel-llan’s Wedding Highlight

If there was a fun and exciting wedding filled with awesome surprises to be at, it would have to be Kim and Rhofel-llan’s. This wedding day was perfectly planned and executed down to the very minuscule details. We’ve never seen a couple plan a wedding so well that they might just be even better than some professional wedding planners out there.

On August 12th, 2012, we had the opportunity to film a very special wedding. Now, this wasn’t just any wedding. This wedding happened to be one of our very good friends that we’ve known ever since high school. We witnessed the very beginning stages of their relationship when they first met in Las Vegas all the way to their proposal and now their big day.

What makes this marriage even more special is the bride is one of the last ones out of all her friends to tie the knot, and the groom is one of the first ones out of his friends to. The pressure was on but they somehow magically pulled it off stress free with creative surprises throughout the night.

The maid of honor, which is also Kim’s sister, had one of the best speeches we’ve ever heard. It was well thought out and well rehearsed. This couple also had one of the best first dance performances we’ve ever seen, a special surprise music video, perfectly written vows, and even a wild bouquet and garter toss to top things off. They definitely set the bar high for future couples to follow.

Overall, we hope this video takes them back to their special wedding day so they can relive this moment all over again. In one word, we can describe this couple and their wedding day: PERFECT.

City: San Jose, CA
Venue: Corinthian Ballroom

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